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Deb and Joy presented A True Self Workshop, September 15 in Cincinniti, Ohio

Discover Your Natural Inner Core
Listen To Your Inner Self
Find Where You Fit
Live With-in Your Own Truth
Touch Your True Self

Gain valuable information about the new movement that is changing the way we think, the way we feel, they way we connect with others and the way we walk our given path. When we experience our true self we glow. We vibrate positive energy outward such that others can see our natural inner power. We feel that natural power on the inside in the form of comfort, inner peace, joy, happiness and fulfillment. We feel complete. Touch your true self.

Presentations and workshop exercises were presented that allowed you to touch into Spirit and receive and convey messages.  Opening up to the wonderful world of Spirit helps each of us "Be In Touch" with our natural inner core and True Self.

Workshop presenters - Psychic Debra, Psychic Joy, Cincinnati Psychics


Psychic Debra and Psychic Joy presented an informational lecture and workshop
about the principles behind Spirit Communication,  Authentic Psychic Mediumship, and contact with the Wonderful World of Spirit. 

Discussion included topics about your own psychic abilities, how to know when you are on your "right path", and techniques you can use to open up to opportunities to help you achieve your goals. 

Psychic Debra and Psychic Joy will contacted the "other side" for the workshop attendees. Most everyone received information.
Psychic Development Training on CD's is offered thru Psychic Joy's website.
Develop your psychic abilities. Study at your own pace.  Use this expert training to enhance your own personal growth and gain insight into your personal belief system and spirituality. 
Psychic Joy and Psychic Debra were featured in the new documentary file, "Bullfrogs On My Mind" in Louisville, Ky on October 2, 2010. Read more about how Joy and Deb ended up on the big screen with bullfrogs.

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