Two of the most fun loving, energetic, accurate psychics you will ever know. Deb and Joy offered free online psychic readings in a psychic chat room. Members joined us on scheduled evenings for fun, excitement and entertainment. They received or observed a free psychic reading online that made sense, related to given situations, and provided insight and guidance. During readings members received names, dates, events, and identifying information that was validated. Members learned about authentic psychic mediumship and became educated about what to expect from a psychic reading. Our psychic group was fun, educational, and our readings were amazingly accurate...and we miss not being able to still provide those sessions.  Thank you for being part of this experience.  Love and Light, Joy and Deb.
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A few comments about our free online psychic readings.
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Joy and Debra have been described as two of the most authentic, accurate psychic mediums of our time. Deb has retired. Joy offers:

private phone psychic readings

online chat room psychic readings

in person readings

at extremely reasonable prices.

Joy is located in the Indianapolis area.

Debra is located in Northern Kentucky near Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Feel free to take a few moments to read Joy's bio or Deb's bio and decide if a private reading is right for you.

Love and Light, Joy and Debra
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