Mystical Journey

Sometimes when our eyes touch
I feel our souls blend in compassion, understanding, truth.
Seems as if our lives have been never touching
Except in spirit, until now.
The love, warmth, nurturing intimacy
Is beyond that of any physical nature,
Existing in the soft glow
Of the here and now of oneness.
The beauty leaves me breathless.
The memory lives forever in my soul.

Copyright, (c), Joy Light Poetry Series, Joy Light
Psychic Joy is a Certified Psychic Medium. Aware of her psychic abilities since early childhood, she works to help raise awareness of the unity and inner-connectedness we all share, in both the physical and spiritual realm. She channels messages with profound clairity. Joy has been described as one of the most authentic, accurate psychic mediums of our times. As a Spirit Medium, she channels messages from your loved ones who have crossed over, providing names, dates and information that you can validate. Joy has provided psychic phone readings for clients worldwide and is available for private phone and online chat room psychic readings. She also provides in person readings in Indianapolis, Indiana, Cincinnati, Ohio, Northern Kentucky and surrounding areas. Read feedback about her readings or contact her now to request your private psychic reading.
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Hello. My name is Joy. The light just followed. I was born and raised in Indiana but by age twelve I had seen most of the United States. My parents believed travel was an important part of education, not just for pleasure but for learning different cultures. I traveled Europe on more than one occasion and although not skilled in speaking foreign languages, I was fearless. My father taught me that a smile in any language means the same thing. My best childhood memories are the years living at a place called Lodi Park in western Indiana. The family moved there when I was around ten years old. It is the home where my siblings and I bonded together, where my parents taught us how to appreciate the wonders of nature, the importance of family, and the gift of love.

My first full time professional job was in accounts payable, then marriage, then BIG D (my son), then the second BIG D (my divorce). Being a single Mom in the 1970's was not easy. College courses at night and my work in the field of accounting is what got us through. My second marriage lasted twenty years. Although we gave strength to each other in many ways, his gradual addiction to alcohol and my diagnosis with cancer at age 40 became our breaking point. We struggled together to keep unity for my son, but finally came to terms with the fact that our marriage was broken. Although I survived my cancer, my husband did not survive his alcoholism. He passed away not long after our divorce. In my first 40 years I had my share of what I call “drama trauma”. I was fortunate enough to receive excellent professional counseling to help me recover from a clinical depression and the Post Traumatic Stress that comes with such trauma. I mention this period only because the experiences helped me later in life discern between the medical term "disassociation" and my authentic psychic experiences, which at times the medical field would like to call disassociation. Let's face it, not many psychologist think it is normal to talk with dead people. But that is a topic for a book, not a short bio. By my mid-forties I felt like I was starting life all over. And I was!! Finally I felt free to truly evolve in my spiritual path. I worked as an auditor (no, not a psychic auditor, does that make you nervous or what) for several years to provide my livelihood. During this period I experienced the passing of my grandmother, my mother, and the sudden and unexpected death of my beloved son. I know the void left after the loss of a child and the feeling of your heart being ripped from inside. But I also know and cherish the wonderful granddaughter my son placed in my hands to love in his absence. Although I struggle at times to make sense of it all, I know my life work is and always will be in the field of psychic mediumship. Working with Spirit energies not seen, but whose consciousness still exists on different levels and dimensions, is amazing.

I think each of us follow our own path, find our own way, and go thru our own personal trauma(s). Along our journey we encounter life experiences that help us learn, grow, and become who we truly are. I call them stepping stones. My stepping stones were the psychic experiences I had early in life. I questioned if they really happened, (yet know they did), but I was not psychologically or emotionally ready to fully understand them. I was drawn to reading material on metaphysical subjects, I came into contact with mentors and others who helped teach me about the psychic realm, and I had periods where I denied or stuffed my psychic experiences down inside to avoid having others think I was strange, weird, or even worse, mentally imbalanced. It was my father, also gifted, who helped me come to understand my gifts. His mind was far beyond his time while in the physical world, and although I lost him at a young age, he was here in the physical long enough to give me a solid base from which to work and grow spiritually. It is his unconditional love that I draw my strength from, and God's gift that I have been blessed with that moves me forward.

Psychic Debra and I met in 1997 in an online chat room. It was at least a year later before either one of us mentioned "psychic" to each other. Deb started sending me links to an online psychic forum, which I just ignored. At that time my head was into learning how to create websites, not psychic stuff. I already knew all about psychic experiences. Then one day she hit me over the head (not literally), but figuratively, and said, "Get your butt out there kiddo and read for others". Follow your given path. Stop denying your gifts and share them. Throwing my hands in the air I said, "Okay, I will try it". This was a major turning point in my life. Suddenly I was catapulted out into the world of professional psychic and everything moved very fast. It seems the Universe simply stepped in and took over, guiding me and placing me where I needed to be. In 1999 I was reading for different psychic forums. In 2001 I was introduced to Sandy Anastasi who trained John Edward, a world famous psychic medium. Under her guidance I completed my training and certification in psychic mediumship. In 2002, another chance meeting opened the door to training and certification in Reiki Levels I, II, and III. In 2003 Deb and I started the Psychic Group to help educate the online community in authentic psychic mediumship. Today, we offer the free psychic reading sessions to help you learn how Spirit works thru all things. Deb and I both have been catapulted out in front of the online community with a sea of requests for our services from folks who have heard of us by word or mouth, thru friends, or other psychics. So I just go with the flow, knowing there is much yet to do, much to accomplish, much to share, and somehow the Universe will help me find a way to balance my "life work" with my daily life demands.

I really do not like the word psychic because it raises images of commercialized fortune telling, psychic scams, etc. rather than the true meaning of the word. If I could invent a new word to be used in mainstream society that would accurately represent the kind of work I do, I would. To be identified in the same category as tarot reader, astrology reader, and those who use divination tools to "enhance" their readings is misleading. I do not use divination tools. When I read I connect directly with Spirit energies and your energy and guides. This is not a gift I learned, but a gift I was given from birth. I have learned how to work with the energy, and how to turn it off or on when I do psychic readings, but I have not been able to find the words to explain how I do that. So I will just tell you what I believe and know to be true for me.

Since early childhood I have received premonitions of events to come, and understand the "pathos" of knowing in advance such devastating events such as earthquakes, airplane crashes, natural disasters, and sudden death. I am clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient and a few other things I have not figured out yet. As a Spirit Medium I receive messages from loved ones who have crossed over, giving me the special ability to channel communication between the earthly world and the wonderful world of Spirit. Through my psychic abilities as a medium I have learned to trust my connection, giving names, dates, events and information that can be validated by my clients. I channel such information in a positive light for others. Knowing the peace, joy and comfort they receive from these readings, deepens my dedication to all who seek answers.

Most of my life I have been able to see, hear, sense, and feel energies not of physical form, but always present around us. In early childhood, this truly was a difficult position for me, as I was not psychologically or emotionally prepared to work with and understand my insights. I stuffed my premonitions and advance knowledge of events deep down inside. I read about paranormal topics, discarding those things that made no sense, and relying on those precious few pieces of truth that I found hidden deep inside the books written by mystics, prophets and spiritual counselors. As my life moved forward, I found my personal belief system conflicted with religious thought. I searched for inner truth, I read on all religions, and I tried hard to make myself "fit" into their teachings. There was even a period in my life where I went through counseling to find out why "psychic episodes" kept happening to me. I thought that if I dug deep down inside of me and cleared out all my "baggage", then the psychic experiences would stop. I was successful in working through my childhood scars and life's inner trauma, but the visions, premonitions, and voices continued to penetrate. I came to terms with my abilities only after I accepted them to be a part of me, "who I am". Once I stopped resisting my natural psychic gift I found healthy ways to work with the flow of "energies" that exist on different levels of consciousness. I was able to remove the blocks that kept me from being fluid and transparent in a world of energy. Learning how to work with the Spirit energies around me came through professional training in mediumship. Learning how to openly share my natural spiritual gift came from you, my clients, who validate each and every reading with feedback, facts, and words of thank. It has been a long road of searching, seeking, and finding, but today, I am here, I am who I am, and I am always happy. And yes, I talk to dead people, and they talk to me.

As I stated earlier, I believe we each find our own path as we seek to understand our own Spirituality. Myself, I believe we are all spiritual beings in physical form, and when we die, we will continue to be spiritual beings, but in energy form. I connect with Spirit "Beings" every day that do not have physical bodies. Their level of consciousness, their ability to communicate and convey messages, their ability to intervene and help guide us on a daily basis, for me, is factual. There is no myth to it. There is no sin to it. There is no religion to it. But because it is not tangible to our five physical senses, one's own personal belief system becomes the driving force in understanding, accepting, or rejecting it. I struggled with my psychic abilities for years, but once I accepted my gifts and ability to connect with the other side, I also accepted me, the full essence of me "Who I Am".

My work, my life path, is to help others understand the unity and inner-connectedness of all things, the Oneness that we all share as Spiritual Beings in human form. Today, I share my gift as I travel my spiritual path, I communicate messages from loved ones on the other side, and I marvel at the unconditional love that vibrates through me each time I connect with Spirit Energies. Their authentic, sincere, spontaneous, and sometimes hilarious ways of conveying messages are beyond explanation, but I have faith in my connection with them, and do not fear. Each time I open up to the Wonderful World of Spirit I am comforted by their loving energy as they help me touch you soul to soul and guide you along your path. I honor their messages and allow them to tell their stories in their own way, and in their own time. When you validate all that Spirit conveys by confirming the information they provide, I am amazed. It is truly a spiritual experience for "all" of us. However, what I believe does not have to make sense to you. It did not make sense to me for a long time. All I knew is I talked with dead people, they talked to me, and I was afraid to tell anyone.

As I close my story, I am inspired to leave you with this message from all that I have learned. Your personal belief system is one of your most important resources. Develop it, understand it, have faith in it, and trust in it. Your mystical experiences, be they through dreams, inner sight, gut feelings, or unexplainable miracles really do occur. Listen to their message. But above all, go within to the inner silence of your Being, come to terms with the essence of you, and accept yourself for who you are. Open yourself to the true understanding of your Spirituality. Namaste!

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"Seems as if our lives have been never touching, except in Spirit, until now." Joy Light
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