Happy Psychic Duo Investigates Poltergeist Activity - A True Story.
(Names have been changed to protect the innocent, and the Spirits)

A true life suspense story about ghosts, spirit orbs, puppy dogs and helping others better understand the healing energies from the wonderful world of Spirit.

The minute I turned off the car I was overwhelmed with a mysterious, eerie feeling. The two hour drive seemed to take only minutes. The directions Deb sent gave three right turns, one left turn, then pull into a parking space. I did not get lost. Amazing, I thought. It's as if I am being guided. Yet it was my first time to visit Deb at her new place. I got out of the car, grabbed my travel bag, and headed toward the front door. Suddenly the light bulb came on like a bolt of lightening. I call it my inner click, where out of the blue I just know what is about to happen. As I rang the doorbell I caught myself feeling the excitement of the adventure.

A spooky voice from a speaker system said, "Who is it, do I know you"
Laughing, I said, "The door is open, I am coming in"

As I walked thru the door, there was Deb, commenting on my being on time and then going on about how our original project would have to wait, as she had someone who wanted us to come and visit them. I just started laughing because I already knew something unusual was up. When Deb said we have to go visit a house, I got another flash.poltergeist. Oh geeesh, I thought, I do not believe in poltergeist activity. But I said nothing to Deb about this, I simply said, "Yes, I already know I came today to do a reading. It hit me as I got out of the car."

Deb and I met by chance back in 1997 and later joined together to provide free psychic readings online. Many times we had been called upon to go outside of our chat room reading environment to do in-person group reading sessions, find lost items, missing persons, police investigations, but this sounded a little different. It seemed to be more about the house, and less about the people needing a reading. I said to Deb, "Don't tell me anything until we get done. I do not want to know. It is best Spirit gives their information first, after that, you can fill me in on the details." Deb already knew how important it was to not have too many facts ahead of time. She said, "Yea, I know. When I called this lady back she blurted out everything, and told me too much. Now I am not sure how objective I can be. So we need you Joy, because you know nothing about their story."

I said, "Well, at least tell me how you got connected with these people."
Deb said in a laughing tone, "Blame it on Sharon. One of her customers at the bank starting talking with her about "things", and she mentioned to him that she knew two psychics who could help. I just called her and she is on her way over to go with us."

About that time Sharon walked in, we gathered our things, and took off down the road to visit a house. I had not seen Sharon for almost a year, but I commented on her "new glow", which took her by surprise. She said she had started Yoga classes. Sharon had been trying for several years to better understand the psychic realm, Spirit Communication, and get in touch with her own spiritual awakening. Sometimes she tried to hard, which was blocking her progress, but this new technique with Yoga seemed to be opening her up and balancing her, for which I was glad.

I was so involved in my conversation with Deb and Sharon I did not pay attention to where we were going. Suddenly the Montgomery Inn was right in front of us and I realized I was in familiar territory. I said, "Oh My, when I lived in Cincy years ago, I ate at the Montgomery Inn. Great Ribs." 

"World Famous" a male voice said. It was Joe, Deb's husband who was driving the car. He had been so quiet his voice almost startled me. But, with three females flappin at the jaws for the past 20 minutes, how could he say much. I laughed to myself and thought, thank God for Joe. His understanding about our work made it easier for Deb and I to pick up and go at a moment's notice like this. Even though Joe did not openly display his psychic gift in the same manner as Deb and I, at least he understood it. It made for a lot less explaining. He had yielded many a weekend to our psychic adventures, giving up his private time with Deb. For some reason he seemed as excited and eager to participate in this adventure as the rest of us. Deb had kept the details about this "house" to her self, so I knew Joe was mystified, just like me. Neither one of us had any idea what to expect, or what would be expected of us. We were at a four way stop and I heard Joe saying, "a yellow house with double driveway," as we turned right down a narrow side street.

"That's him", Sharon said with excitement. As I looked up I saw a jovial man waving at us and pointing to the driveway. I thought to myself, well, the house looks normal to me, what in the world is this mystery adventure about. Within seconds we were inside being introduced to Rob and his wife Cindy. Immediately my attention was drawn to this poor little puppy lying on a couch off the kitchen area. The poor thing was shaking, almost in a tremble, and I knew it was not because of these four strangers who had just arrived. My heart filled up with compassion for the puppy and I could not help but go to her, wanting to pick her up in my arms, and tell her it was going to be okay. But as I approached her, I felt it best I just pet her calmly, and quietly through thought vibration let her know we were there to help. "Her name is Sweetie", Rob said. I have never considered myself to be one of those so called "pet psychics", but Sweetie and I sure had an open channel. I knew immediately her fright was due to Spirit energies in the house and she had been trying to explain it to her owners to no avail. I had been so involved with my private conversation with Sweetie I was unaware of the people conversation going on around me. When I turned my attention to the group standing there in the doorway, I heard Cindy saying, "Well, the house is yours, do whatever it is you do". It seemed clear by Cindy's statement that they felt the house had some unique and strange things happening in it, but this was my first time to "read" a house. I felt totally in the dark as to how to approach the situation. Deb had asked Cindy and Rob to not tell me any details when we arrived and I felt like both of them were holding their hands over their mouth in order to not blurt out information. They looked at me in anticipation. All I could think of to say was "I have no idea why I am here." I think this shocked them at first, but I meant every word of it. I did Spirit Communication Readings. The light bulb that had gone off earlier that morning was that I was going someplace to do a Spirit Reading. Now it seemed I was being called upon to be a ghost buster, something I did not even believe in. I decided not to question why the universe was placing me in this situation. I had been doing readings long enough to know "they" had their reasons and I would figure it out after the fact. I directed my attention back to Rob and Cindy, and just sort of shrugged my shoulders.
For a moment there was an awkward silence, as if they were waiting on me to do something, then everyone started moving toward the living room to be seated, and I followed, but I did not get very far. As I walked across the middle of the kitchen floor I felt like I was being drawn into the earth like a magnet. "Whoa," I said, "the energy here is like a vortex." I hardly had the words out when Joe was saying the same thing. He was down on his knee feeling the floor with his hands. He and I looked at each other with validation of the others insight. Cindy said, "Yes, we have a lot of activity in the kitchen". I was drawn to the area of the dishwasher, then expressed something about the door opening and closing without cause and that I heard a rumble. Cindy stated that the dishwasher would turn on by itself at times, like the motor was always running and not stop. I commented on how the energy vortex in the middle of the kitchen floor caused a pulling pressure on the objects along the walls, like the drawers, doors, counter top items, and then walked on into the living room. As I stood in the living room trying to get my bearings, Joe walked passed me holding up two fingers. He said, "I pick up two energies, how many do you get?" I said, "Oh, more than two, lots, but there are two separate things going on here." As I tried to grasp what I meant, I saw Joe shoot past me down a long narrow hallway, and decided to follow his lead by walking through the house as well. I walked back thru the kitchen area to a small play room and saw a large toy box stuffed with kid's toys. As I approached the corner of the room I again felt a strong energy pull, similar to the vortex in the middle of the kitchen floor. At the same time my mind flashed with scenes from movies about how small children somehow cause poltergeist activities. I immediately discounted a connection between the kid's toy box, kids in the house, and poltergeist. As far as I was concerned, no way. Poltergeist activity was just a movie thing or scary book thing to draw the unsuspecting public into paying money for information not founded in fact. It was science fiction stuff, and fiction is just that, fiction. Imaginary made up stuff. Non-fiction is true life. By now I was uncomfortable walking through these people's house like an invader from Mars and decided to go back to the living room and sit down. I don't believe in haunted houses, I muttered to myself as I plopped down in the only empty chair left in the living room. When I glanced up I felt as if everyone in the room was looking at me.

I thought to myself, I still am not sure why I am here, but the only thing I have to go on is my "inner click". I looked at Cindy, then Rob, then Sharon, and could see Deb and Joe sitting on the couch out of the corner of my eye. Suddenly I heard myself saying, "Okay, I am going to do a reading." As I opened up to Spirit and felt the first energy come forward, Sweetie started jumping up on the back of the couch, barking, looking out the large picture window, then darted toward the front door. As I started to read, I wanted to stay in consciousness long enough to explain how I read. I said something about touching into Spirit energies. Rob commented, "Do you mean like restless souls that can not find peace?" I said, "No, not exactly, it is more like the conscious energy that stays in tact even though the person has crossed over. They still exist, just not in physical form, but more like in Spirit form. And they are not really restless souls or ghost like, but here to help guide and advise. They come for a reason. Just as we have a purpose here on earth, we also have a mission or purpose once we cross over. Our level of consciousness still exists on the other side, we still have the ability to communicate, just not in the same way as we did while in physical form using the five senses. I don't really believe in the concept of ghosts. All I know is I read from Spirit and I have never touched on any energy that is a restless soul or not truly where they are suppose to be at any given time. They come in love and at peace, and with a purpose." I somehow felt that Rob had been exposed to concepts about how people who die and do not cross "all the way over", get stuck in some kind of limbo between earth and heaven and are still working thru some kind of karma or sin. But then I heard him say, "I don't believe in ghosts either, it is more like Spiritual Beings." Bingo I thought to myself, he gets it. But all of that came in a flash, and at the same time the Spirit energy that had started to come through was eager and ready to convey information. It was time to let go of my physical world and talk with the other side. Grandfather was standing here next to me in energy form. I looked at Cindy and started my reading. I remember touching on her grandfather, grandmother and father figure and conveyed the images, messages and feelings as they came thru for her. As she validated the information given, I seemed to go deeper and deeper into a different level of consciousness. The energies coming through were standing just to the right of me, not literally, but in energy form. The warm, loving, sensation emitted from them was comforting, and I felt totally at ease with them, and the messages they conveyed. April is a significant month, and so is February. Cindy shook her head yes, stating that one passed in February, one had a birthday in April. Suddenly my right hand lifted up to my heart, so I gave it. One passed from a heart condition, the other was cancer. Cindy confirmed the information again by nodding her head. As I continued to read from my altered state of consciousness, I noticed I was aware of Sweetie's behavior. Strange I thought. It feels like Sweetie is on the same level I am on.

As a new energy came thru, Sweetie seemed to be right on target with me, announcing their arrival. Jumping on the back of the couch, barking, looking out the large picture window, and then running to the front door as if to invite them in. I could feel Rob eager to ask a question, and turned to him to let him know I would be with him in a minute, but needed to give Cindy what was coming in first. I do not know how long I read for Cindy, or remember all that was given, because when I read I do not retain the information very long. The messages are for them, not me. However, as the energies pull back from one reading, I do feel the shift of any new or different energy that comes thru. The best way I can describe it is like picking up on different people's personalities in physical form. The only difference is these personalities are in Spirit form. As I finished with Cindy's reading, I was suddenly pulled to my left side where a strong energy presence appeared. For me this was a little confusing. It is not often that Spirit energy comes to me on the left side. And this energy was very strong. I looked at Rob, and said, "I feel like I am coming to you now. Do you know a Jerry, a J name?" He leaned back in his chair and said, "Well, my brother's name is Jerry, and so is my brother-in-law's." This was the confirmation I needed to know the next energy coming in was for Rob.

Rob came across as an out going individual, very friendly, a little excited, and at the same time some what cautious. I in no way felt like he was testing me or my abilities, however, I did feel like he was eager to see if the information I was able to give him could be validated. I guess you could say he had healthy skepticism. When I gave the name Jerry to him, his eyes widened a little. Now I noticed him sitting up straight in his chair and leaning forward. The energy to my left was just sort of standing there, but as I put my focus on it I suddenly felt an urge to literally shift my body to the left and face the area where the Spirit energy hovered. As I did this, I saw a glimpse of an image form move to the front of the fireplace, and then come directly to the chair where I was sitting. I said to Rob, "I am not sure who this is, but their favorite spot is to stand in front of the fireplace, then come to this chair where I am sitting." He immediately said, "That is Jackie". At the same time Cindy said, "Yes, we have seen her standing in front of the fireplace many times." About this time I was urged to stand up and show Rob the exact place on the edge of the chair where she would sit. He acknowledged that he understood what I was saying, but said it was not the same chair. A different chair had been in the spot I was talking about. Then he explained that Jackie was his wife who had passed and started to say why the information made sense to him, but stopped, as if remembering he was not to give me any details. Simultaneous to Rob making his comments, I felt all the life energy drain out of me with a swish sound and felt a downward pulling pressure on my whole body. The energy force pulling me down was tremendous, like a magnet. I felt my entire body hit the floor with a thud. I looked at Rob and gestured a downward movement to him with my hands, and said "it feels like I just dropped to the floor right here. There is absolutely nothing you could have done. Absolutely nothing." He looked at me and said "Jackie died right there in that spot you are sitting. That exact spot. A massive embolism, she was dead before she ever hit the floor." I seem to remember the others in the room utter shocks of surprise, but Jackie was not finished telling her story. I continued giving messages from Jackie that were for both Rob and Cindy, and explained to them that Jackie had a great comfort level with the house. Rob said he totally remodeled the house after Jackie passed, and hoped she approved of it. I was able to confirm to him that Jackie also approved of his and Cindy's marriage, and that she was indeed at peace. I also conveyed insight about yellow roses at which time Rob stated that every week he took yellow flowers to Jackie's gravesite. I then described to him the actual gravesite layout and how Jackie was as comfortable there as she was at the house. I do not remember much after that. I could tell Rob was not uncomfortable with Jackie being "around", and that he had made peace with himself. It seemed Jackie was conveying the message that Rob was now able to express his own inner sense of who he istotally in touch with the essence of you, is how Jackie conveyed it. He just sat there and shook his head in agreement. It was around this time I felt myself being pulled toward Deb, and I had a sudden urge to get up and go outside for a cigarette and get grounded. I calmly said "I believe Deb has some insight for you now. I am going to step outside for a few minutes." I got up, walked into the kitchen, and gasped. "Look", I said, "the kitchen drawers are pulled out." Sharon and Cindy stood up and stared into the kitchen, looking at the open cabinet drawers in awe. I walked outside and had a cigarette.
As I stood on the front porch, I had a quick conversation with myself. It went something like this. Okay Joy, you were the last one to be in the kitchen before going to the living room and sitting down. No one left the living room during the reading session except Sweetie, who was going back and forth to the front door announcing the arrival of Spirit energies as they came into focus. When you walked into the kitchen just now, those drawers were pulled all the way out. They really were pulled all the way out. Reality check. Sweetie is just a puppy. She can not reach the drawer handles even if she stood up on her back legs. I put out my cigarette and went back inside. The kitchen drawers were now closed. I walked into the living room and sat down in the chair, placing my feet in the exact spot where Jackie dropped dead. I could still feel her energy and in a fleeting thought vibration, it was as if she was claiming credit for opening the kitchen drawers.

Deb was still giving insight to both Rob and Cindy, and all were in intense conversation and confirmation as Deb completed her reading. At this point I was ready to leave. However, no one else was making overtures toward the door. We were not finished. I sat and listened for a few minutes as the conversation lifted into what appeared to be "true life confessions". Rob was totally into his essence and now talked indiscreetly about his past, some of his life experiences, and how he came to find his own spiritual awakening and inner peace with himself. As I listened to him, I also played some with Sweetie who now had a squeaky AFLAC duck her mouth. I still wanted to pick her up and hold her, but instead petted her and projected calm, loving emotions toward her. I remember saying to her in non-verbal voice, geeesh, Sweetie, no wonder you were scared half out of your mind. I have only been here a few hours and already talked with 5 or 6 dead people. How many are there kiddo? That one image I got was of a whole congregation. Suddenly I noticed a bright silver object in Sweetie's mouth and moved forward to fetch it from her. It was a piece of thin metal out of the AFLAC toy duck. I handed it to Rob. I did not verbally say anything, but I felt he understood I was saying be sure to check Sweeties play toys and keep her safe. I then sat back down and Sweetie came up to me and lay down at my feet as if to say Thank You. She was calm now. I felt like she would be okay, and told her so. Her owners now had confirmation about who the Spirit energies were that roamed the house. From this point forward they could be more in control. They were not crazy. Now they could accept their situation and look at it from a different perspective. It is what it is, I thought to myself. As I sat back in my chair to relax, I started hearing the name Dan. Ut oh, here we go again. Deb was still reading for Cindy, and then suddenly she said, "Joy, you have something else."

It seems Deb and I have always been like that, knowing when the other one has something "coming in", and then yielding to each other. Our ability to interplay back and forth with the vibrations, yet at the same time simultaneously touch into the same energy fields around an individual has always amazed me. I looked at Cindy who was asking, "Nothing from my husband who has passed." Well, the only thing I had to go on was the name Dan, so I said, "Who is the Dan or D name around you?" Cindy said, "Dan is my deceased husband's brother." Okay, here we go.and just as I said that Sweetie started jumping on the back of the couch, barking, and then left the room. "The image that comes in is that of a very, very thin man, almost like skin and bone," I said. As I described him in detail Cindy confirmed that was her deceased husband. As I got a very intense scratching sensation on my arm, I started patting it, and explained to Cindy there was something about his arm that bothered him also. She said his Mother sat next to him holding his arm, and it bothered him. "He would look at me and tell me to ask her to stop," she said. Then a message came about the number 18. I said "it could be his date of birth, or something connected with him, like an 18 wheeler". Then Rob said "yes, he drove a truck just like I did." The next image was in the form of a circular motion connecting the dots between Rob and Cindy. I interpreted that to be confirmation that Cindy's deceased husband had helped in getting them introduced. Then suddenly I saw bright strobe lights flashing in front of me. They came so bright I had to take off my glasses and close my eyes. As I described the lights, Rob and Cindy both talked about how they had seen this kind of bright light emitted in the house and felt it was her deceased husband. Then Deb made a comment about a strain between the two of them while married. Cindy confirmed the information that Deb was conveying, and it was apparent she suffered from inner emotional conflict and scars left from the marriage. Deb was excellent in explaining how being on the other side helped the loved one to see their misdeeds and find ways to make amends. As Cindy listened to Deb's advice she seemed to find resolution within herself. I heard myself conveying to Cindy the message from her deceased husband, "let's clean the slate, start fresh", and this seemed to also bring her some relief and closure. Gradually Cindy started opening up about her life experiences, the many emotional traumas, and the concern over the kids, the heartbreak and pain. She looked exhausted. And so did Sweetie who was now on the arm of the couch next to Cindy with her head dropped down so low it appeared she had no energy left inside her.

The next name that came in was like a Harry or H name, and Rob claimed that to be his deceased father-in-law. As I touched into this energy vibration, I found it to be hilarious. Visions of wheel chair races, glued on glasses and hanky panky. Rob confirmed it all by telling us the story about his father-in-law, who at the age of 90 married while in a nursing home. He said, "Neither one of them could see or hear, and in church they figured they were alone I guess, but they were not, but at any rate, they did their hanky panky right there in the church pew. And his glasses kept getting bent or broken and tape was everywhere on them to keep them together." I had to let go of the images I was getting. Everyone was laughing as Rob told the story. It helped to laugh. Our session had been emotionally intense at times, and we all needed the humor to help us release. Laughter, I thought to myself. That is something Deb always says, we need laughter to help us lighten the load. I said a quick thank you to Spirit for bringing it in.

It seemed that Deb and I stood up at the same time, as if to announce we were done and ready to leave. Everyone started hugging each other, and Rob and Cindy thanked us from the bottom of their heart. I was still in some what of a dazed mode, but grounded enough in the physical to understand that Rob and Cindy had opened up their home, their grief, their hurt, their pain, their life stories to total strangers, but now felt a strong trust and bond with us. I felt the same toward them, even more so, as I had not only touched on their lives, but had received and conveyed messages from their loved ones on the other side. Along with Deb's help and insight, I felt Rob and Cindy now had closure and a better understanding of the wonderful world of Spirit. Our work was done.

It was dark outside now but the weather was a warm 70 degrees even though it was November 1st. I thought to myself, it is a good thing we did not do this yesterday, Halloween. Too strange. As we started out the door I still had this strong urge to hold Sweetie and give her some kisses. I looked around for her and saw her in Cindy's arms. I went up to pet her good bye and she started giving us all kisses. I whispered in her ear, Sweetie, things should calm down now. She looked at me with bright shinning eyes as if to say she agreed.

As we got in the car Deb said, "I am starved, where are we going to eat?" Sharon said, "Eat.I need a drink. My nerves are shot. You too are going to drive me crazy. I can't take many more of these episodes. Who opened those drawers in the kitchen? I wanted to actually see them do it. It really happened, right there in front of us, poltergeist activity. Joy, it totally spooked me. How in the world did you stay so calm?" I just laughed and said. "I don't believe in ghosts and poltergeist activity, but I do believe in Spiritual Beings. There is a strong energy vortex under the kitchen floor. We did not go under the house to find out why." Joe started making errie spooky noises as we backed out of the driveway and we all chuckled uneasily. I thought to myself, Joy, you seem to be able to explain those things not visible, but not able to explain those things that are visible. I wondered if I should reveal my insight from Jackie about the kitchen drawers. I decided to stay mum. It is what it is, I thought to myself. I leaned back in my seat and reflexed on the visit. I now had a better understanding as to why I was there. Our paths crossed for a reason, not by chance, not by coincidence, not by accident, but because of a need to know and understand. Each of us, in our own way, learned something new about ourself, and it was enlightening. Each of us, in our own way, shared our inner most secrets without judgement of the other, without fear. The Universe works in mysterious ways, but always with a purpose. As I closed my eyes, I heard Deb explaining to Sharon that it was not a physical thing, it was energy form. It is like a quick whiff of cool air blowing on you, or the feeling of a mist of water being sprayed, or sensing the presence of someone standing behind you, and when you look, no one is there...

I must have drifted off to sleep for a few minutes because the next thing I remember is walking into Bob Evans Restaurant with a great desire for a cold glass of ice tea. Deb said, "yes, every time I read I get so thirsty." As we sat down at our table, I looked at Joe and asked him what was going on at the History Museum. He thought for a moment then calmly said, "The Vatican is coming." I gasped and said, "The Vatican is full of Catacombs. Our next adventure, Tales from the Crypt".

Copyright, (C), 2004, The Happy Psychic Duo, Psychic Debra and Psychic Joy

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